Note: 2024-2025 school year will be zoom only.

Welcome to Morning Star Christian Academy

Tuition 2022/2023

Due August 13 or before

Elementary student (full time)3rd-6th      $125 a month

Junior high student (full time)                    $140 a month

Senior high student (full time)                   $150 a month

Families with multiple children will use base amount, less $25 per child after the first child.

Example: family w/a child in each level will receive $50 off their monthly tuition: $310 a month is what they will pay. ($110 +130+140=$380 – 50 =$330)

*Registration fee: $15 per family (non-refundable) Early enrollment $10 nrefd

*Insurance small business 1 time a year: $20 per family. Though I do have small business insurance, you will need your own health insurance as any injuries will be your responsibility

*Rent of textbooks: History, Literature, Science; high school: Consumer Math, Accounting, Family Living, Speech, also:: $5.00 per book unless lost, then $35 per book is due, + $5 for test copies=$10. Rent of textbooks is due by Aug. 13. Copies of spelling, high school English, & some Math in elementary, junior, senior high, as well as Bible: $10 per subject, also due Aug. 13.

New Textbooks: family will need to pay my price, which is usually lower than catalog price, plus shipping.

*MAACS fee due at beginning of year $10.00 per student, I will pay the rest. Each student is required to participate in the MAACS competition each year from grade 4 on. Fine Arts competitions throughout the year are part of this.

*Senior fee of $60, plus costs at end of year.

*High school students are required to attend the banquet & graduation or % taken final grade

*Each family is responsible for the attached supply list.

*We do take field trips that you may be asked to pay admissions/gas costs for and a valid library card is required.

**Subject to change

First transcript for colleges, etc, free, after that, $10 each.

Dress Code: nice jeans, not too tight or baggy or “Parker” type slacks.  Dresses may be worn but should be longer & have sleeves and collar.  Shirts: polo, oxford, or turtleneck.  Sneakers or sandals with a back strap – no really high heels.  Earings: 2 max per ear, none for guys.

Juniors & seniors are required to be at graduation. I also ask that grades 9 and above attend graduation.